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PrOKER: Poker Odds Calculator

Développeur Enterra, Inc.
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With FAST access to information such as your winning odds, equity and outs, PrOKER will take your Hold'em poker skills to new levels.PrOKER will provide valuable information about your poker hand in all stages of the Poker game.The powerful multi-functional card selector wheel used in PrOKER lets you select your pocket- and community cards simply by swiping your finger across the selector. Need to change the number of opponents? Just press the corresponding number on the card selector! One effective control for all your needs. When playing thousands of online poker hands, this will really save you a lot of time and frustrations.-> PLEASE NOTE: Optimized for smartphones, not tablets <-
PrOKER gives you access to:- Starting Hand Strength details (Chen value, Sklansky Group) in a simple power indicator- Pocket Nickname (Including full explanation - for you to tell stories at the poker tables)- Number of outs (after flop and turn). All outs cards shown on screen.- Your odds for winning current hand against predefined opponent pocket groups.- Odds Indicators - for quick visual indication of your current hand strength- Odds Details - Changes of Win/Tie/Lose and what kind of hand you can expect to win with or lose to.- All-in page - Shows odds for all participating pockets in an all-in situation (just like in TV)- Odds are calculated by using Monte Carlo algorithm
PrOKER includes a tutorial to help you master the different functions in the app, so you will get started in no time.
The free version of the PrOKER is a fully functional version, but includes commercials.
Our focus has been to create an app to effectively help you play better poker. Knowledge is Power.
Feel free to contact us via email if you have improvements or concerns about the app.
We really hope you will enjoy using PrOKER
/The Apps4Every1 team.